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The Duo PAUZK from Munich has mainly been active at the microphone and has released an album in 2019. But for the new EP "low hanging fruits" they concentrated completely on the beats.
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PAUZK is a Hip Hop producer duo from Munich. They are active on the mic, but currently they concentrate on beats. Their first pure instrumental release is called „low hanging fruits“ and their first single „supermurgitroid“ sets the direction. The EP presents a summery positive mood, lovely jazz melodies, perfectly set saxophones and crispy samples.

After the first single for Pauzk’s instrumental debut “low hanging fruits” was more in the cheerful jazzhop direction, the second single „Beats & Breakfast“ is more characterised by a cosy lofi sound. The song is perfect to get out of bed slowly and calmly in the morning and not to get directly into stress.

For the new EP „low hanging fruits“ they have created songs based on jazz, but with a very diversified sound. From classic jazz hop and lofi sounds to reggae and brass influences and Caribbean rhythms, the producer couple experiments with many styles, so that every beat head has a lot to discover